Lights out and away we go!

Formula 1 has always been my favourite sport! It is always exciting to watch the fastest cars going around the best tracks whilst being piloted by some of the finest drivers this planet can offer! This weekend just gone was the season opener for 2017 and I got to witness it first hand in Melbourne!

It was my first time going to a Grand Prix and what an amazing time I had! Thursday i got to see the views from above the pits and got to take some amazing photos of the Supercars!


The before leaving we got to go for a walk through pit straight, something I have always wanted to do! I have a huge love for fixing cars and working with tools and I’ve always dreamed about seeing the Formula 1 garages first hand!

Danny Ric
I’ve never seen a garage so clean in my life!!!

It was also amazing being so close to the F1 cars, they were being moved around to get checked by the FIA (governing body of the Formula 1) which meant that the cars were less than a metre away from at some points.

Force India


We also got to watch teams do pit stop practice!

Then on the Friday we finally got to hear and see the F1 cars out on the track! It was amazing, you can’t really appreciate how fast one of these machines are until you’ve watched other racing disciplines do the same section of track and then comparing it to these engineering marvels! It really is quite something and although they aren’t as loud as they used to be they still sound beautiful!

One of the cars actually crashed right in front of us on the Friday which made it extra exciting and we got to see it get picked up (and almost dropped) by the recovery vehicle.

Joyln Palmer backwards

on the truck

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! Even though Dan Ricciardo had an absolute train wreck of a Grand Prix, it was still great so witness a race first hand and even better that a Ferrari won instead of a Mercedes!

it was also amazing to be able to get close to the drivers, see the fan forum, get some signatures and head out onto the track to see the podium! What an amazing experience!

Can’t wait for the Chinese Grand Prix on the 9th of April!

“The moment money becomes your motivation you are immediately not as good as someone who is stimulated by passion and internal will.” Sebastian VettelĀ