You’re probably on this page because you’ve read my posts and thought “who the hell writes the crap?!” Well you’re in the right place me friend, here is where you find out all my deep and terrible secrets!

for starters my name is Dylan, admittedly I haven’t been blogging for very long but please don’t hold that against me! I live in a little city called Adelaide with my wife and puppy. I’m an aspiring author and I’m sure if you read a few of my posts you’ll hear something about that journey!

This blog is just a place for me to ┬átalk about stuff that interests me, vent and generally waste a bunch of time! I love stories and adventures and I can’t wait to share more with you! I love board games, I’m obsessed with the Flash and superheroes in general. I love reading, notable favourites are Lord of the Rings and Name of the Wind. I am a bit of a nerd and love pop culture. Oh! I also sleep with a teddy.