Good food, great gifts and a wonderful wife.

So my wife is the best person ever! To prove this I am going to give you a snapshot of my day yesterday because honestly that is all you need to understand. When we woke up in the morning my wife was not feeling the best and said she was getting a cold, despite that she still came out for morning walk with our beautiful puppy. When we returned home she made me lunch, informing me that it was good, which roughly translates to “this is going to be the best thing you eat at work this month!” It is safe to say I was excited.

Despite feeling average she still went to work, because she is amazing and really hard working and dedicated to her job, all of which are commendable qualities and are just some of the reasons I admire her so much.

I get to work and start counting down the clock until lunch time to see what was waiting to be unleashed from my lunchbox. I open it up and already I am excited as I see my justice league sandwich box sitting there, I love sandwiches.

The sandwich box.

I pull out this sandwich and take the first bite. I am in heaven, this sandwich has everything I love all put together in perfect assembly! It’s cut in triangles (triangles are always better) and absolutely perfect! It contained turkey, avocado, olives, sun dried tomatoes and so much more that melded into a perfect sandwich! I am so thankful my wife makes my lunch, because she is amazing at it.

Fast forward to when I get home, I walk into my house and smell something delicious and I get super excited all over again! My wife pulls out this amazing chicken roast from the oven along with some of the most delicious roast veggies I’ve ever had! The roast was soft and tender, cooked perfectly. The stuffing was delicious and not dry at all! The veggies were seasoned with Moroccan seasoning and tasted delightful! All in all it was an absolutely beautiful meal!

The surprises did not end at dinner as my wife gave me a gift. She gave me a fidget cube.


Basically each side of this cube has different thing to fidget with, it has a switch, buttons, a dial you spin, a ball, a joystick and little gears you roll up and down. It also has a side which is used like worry stones, you rub that side of the cube whilst breathing which helps relax you and lowers anxiety, something I often need. each of the sides that makes noise has a way to do it silently, if you use the switch slowly it will be silent, there are silent buttons, one of the three gears is silent and all the other functions are silent making it perfect to take it with you everywhere!

Ever since I first saw these I’ve wanted one, I am huge fidgeter and am always biting my hands or doing something that is either not productive or not good for me. Since receiving this marvellous gift I have not bitten my fingers once, which is a huge accomplishment for me! If you are similar to me I highly recommend this! It fits nicely in your hand, is light and can be taken anywhere and is perfect for the workplace!

So thanks to my wife, for giving me gifts and making the best food! You truly are a blessing and I am so grateful you are in my life! Thanks for making the most standard days exciting and fun!




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