First Post!!!

Wherever you are reading from, whether it’s the toilet, on the train, sneakily at work or on your phone while you are going about your day, welcome! Thanks for stopping by, you have stumbled upon something beautiful and marvellous and most definitely strange. You have found my blog and I very much appreciate you having a little look!

Please don’t let the fact that I am a United supporter stop you from reading… In hindsight I should have chosen a different picture…

Why have I decided to start my own blog you may be asking? Well in the words of the great Rafiki, “It is time.” I’ve contributed, ran and edited blogs for a few different websites, people and friends but now I have finally decided to make my own site and share my own thoughts!

I’ll be writing about a little about my life and my interests, some of it will likely be stupid and apologise some of it may be a little emotional and I apologise for that too. All in all I think we will have fun and I hope you find some value in being here.

“We are more than the parts that form us. ”
― Patrick Rothfuss


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