“How long until I can walk again?” The doctor looked at me with this sympathetic look that made me feel sick. That look told me everything I didn’t want to know and more, my heart sank as I slumped even lower in the bed. Realisation dawned on me and I managed to choke out “I won’t walk again will I?” I hated the sound of my voice, desperate, broken and pleading. Tears trickled down my face as i couldn’t bare to look at the doctor. He put his hand delicately on my shoulder and almost whispered “I’m so sorry Luke.”



So I realise that is has been a long time since my last post. I’ve decided to try something new that will hopefully make it easier for me to keep writing regularly and keep the posts up! I’m going to start doing 100 word stories, they will follow my main character  but you won’t have to read all of them to get value out of them.

Anyways, here is my first 100 word story.



It happened in early November. I could feel the air getting warmer as the summer crept closer and closer. The engine roared to life as I turned onto the street. I love my car, I’ve seen pictures and not even I can fix it. I remember the headlights coming towards me. I can still hear the tyres screeching as the brakes slammed. They said he was drunk and didn’t see me coming. I don’t remember the impact, just screaming, tyres and headlights. I woke up to the sound of a heart monitor, pain and the fact that I couldn’t move.


Lights out and away we go!

Formula 1 has always been my favourite sport! It is always exciting to watch the fastest cars going around the best tracks whilst being piloted by some of the finest drivers this planet can offer! This weekend just gone was the season opener for 2017 and I got to witness it first hand in Melbourne!

It was my first time going to a Grand Prix and what an amazing time I had! Thursday i got to see the views from above the pits and got to take some amazing photos of the Supercars!


The before leaving we got to go for a walk through pit straight, something I have always wanted to do! I have a huge love for fixing cars and working with tools and I’ve always dreamed about seeing the Formula 1 garages first hand!

Danny Ric
I’ve never seen a garage so clean in my life!!!

It was also amazing being so close to the F1 cars, they were being moved around to get checked by the FIA (governing body of the Formula 1) which meant that the cars were less than a metre away from at some points.

Force India


We also got to watch teams do pit stop practice!

Then on the Friday we finally got to hear and see the F1 cars out on the track! It was amazing, you can’t really appreciate how fast one of these machines are until you’ve watched other racing disciplines do the same section of track and then comparing it to these engineering marvels! It really is quite something and although they aren’t as loud as they used to be they still sound beautiful!

One of the cars actually crashed right in front of us on the Friday which made it extra exciting and we got to see it get picked up (and almost dropped) by the recovery vehicle.

Joyln Palmer backwards

on the truck

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! Even though Dan Ricciardo had an absolute train wreck of a Grand Prix, it was still great so witness a race first hand and even better that a Ferrari won instead of a Mercedes!

it was also amazing to be able to get close to the drivers, see the fan forum, get some signatures and head out onto the track to see the podium! What an amazing experience!

Can’t wait for the Chinese Grand Prix on the 9th of April!

“The moment money becomes your motivation you are immediately not as good as someone who is stimulated by passion and internal will.” Sebastian Vettel 

Granny Sally.

Life can be hard, really hard. I think one of the most difficult things we have to do is say goodbye. A week and half ago I had to do just that to one of the most beautiful, strong and inspiring people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, my Granny Sally.


I remember spending my sixth birthday with her in South Africa. We had a superhero dress up party (I was Batman.) with all my cousins and the kids in the community a massive jumping castle for the whole day as well as yummy food and heaps of activities! I had a pretty difficult young life and this was for sure one of the biggest highlights and I will always be grateful.

When I was that age I was obsessed with Top Gun, okay I’ll be honest… I’m still obsessed with Top Gun, but Granny Sal used to always call me Maverick Ponchocho, I have no idea where the Ponchocho came from, but I like it. I remember getting a little bored when I was over there and I was making paper planes, so sally decided to make a competition out of it. We set up a time and date got a bunch of other kids to partake in the event. We had this big competition testing all different planes to see how far they could go, how high and how fast. I spent the entire week making planes and testing them out and granny sally was constantly bringing me more paper, I must have driven her nuts but she always made me feel special and important no matter what I was doing.

But above all three things stand out to me, how strong she was and also how supportive she is and how much she has taught me about marriage and life. When I decided to change my name both my South African grandparents were one of the first to support my decision and encourage me in it. She has always encouraged me to do my best and keep going even if it’s a struggle and is one of the most supportive family members I have. I can’t thank her enough for all the love and support she has given and I can only hope to do her proud.

She has also been battling lymphoma for as long as I can remember. Throughout all of her sickness she has always been very selfless and giving and caring of others. She was always sewing something for somebody else or doing some other crafting activity and whenever I spoke to her she never complained to me about her sickness, even though I could tell how much of a burden it must have been for her. Thank you for teaching me how to be truly selfless and giving.


Granny Sal and my Grandpa Don have truly shown me what a marriage can be, I’ve never seen a more beautiful couple and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of their lives and witness how to love another person but also to have fun and enjoy life together. Thank you for showing me what is really important in life, I won’t forget.

Granny Sal I hope that while you are looking down from heaven that I can make you proud, thank you for everything. I love and miss you so much.






Good food, great gifts and a wonderful wife.

So my wife is the best person ever! To prove this I am going to give you a snapshot of my day yesterday because honestly that is all you need to understand. When we woke up in the morning my wife was not feeling the best and said she was getting a cold, despite that she still came out for morning walk with our beautiful puppy. When we returned home she made me lunch, informing me that it was good, which roughly translates to “this is going to be the best thing you eat at work this month!” It is safe to say I was excited.

Despite feeling average she still went to work, because she is amazing and really hard working and dedicated to her job, all of which are commendable qualities and are just some of the reasons I admire her so much.

I get to work and start counting down the clock until lunch time to see what was waiting to be unleashed from my lunchbox. I open it up and already I am excited as I see my justice league sandwich box sitting there, I love sandwiches.

The sandwich box.

I pull out this sandwich and take the first bite. I am in heaven, this sandwich has everything I love all put together in perfect assembly! It’s cut in triangles (triangles are always better) and absolutely perfect! It contained turkey, avocado, olives, sun dried tomatoes and so much more that melded into a perfect sandwich! I am so thankful my wife makes my lunch, because she is amazing at it.

Fast forward to when I get home, I walk into my house and smell something delicious and I get super excited all over again! My wife pulls out this amazing chicken roast from the oven along with some of the most delicious roast veggies I’ve ever had! The roast was soft and tender, cooked perfectly. The stuffing was delicious and not dry at all! The veggies were seasoned with Moroccan seasoning and tasted delightful! All in all it was an absolutely beautiful meal!

The surprises did not end at dinner as my wife gave me a gift. She gave me a fidget cube.


Basically each side of this cube has different thing to fidget with, it has a switch, buttons, a dial you spin, a ball, a joystick and little gears you roll up and down. It also has a side which is used like worry stones, you rub that side of the cube whilst breathing which helps relax you and lowers anxiety, something I often need. each of the sides that makes noise has a way to do it silently, if you use the switch slowly it will be silent, there are silent buttons, one of the three gears is silent and all the other functions are silent making it perfect to take it with you everywhere!

Ever since I first saw these I’ve wanted one, I am huge fidgeter and am always biting my hands or doing something that is either not productive or not good for me. Since receiving this marvellous gift I have not bitten my fingers once, which is a huge accomplishment for me! If you are similar to me I highly recommend this! It fits nicely in your hand, is light and can be taken anywhere and is perfect for the workplace!

So thanks to my wife, for giving me gifts and making the best food! You truly are a blessing and I am so grateful you are in my life! Thanks for making the most standard days exciting and fun!



Final Fantasy XV

Today I want to share with you a story. It was 2002, I was in year 6 and for the first time I played a Playstation 2. The game I played? Final Fantasy X.

Image result for final fantasy x

I have never been so moved by a video game. I became so invested and enamoured by the characters, the world, the music and the beauty of Spira. I actually can’t count how many times I have played Final Fantasy X game. I have 4 copies of it at my house, put in 100’s of hours and could re-play it again and again and never get bored with the story.

That game started a trend that has ultimately led to this…

Final Fantasy IX covers are gone, hence the open case

When people ask why I love Final Fantasy it’s hard for me to answer. It’s not because the games aren’t good, they are amazing! However I’ve found that for a lot of people it isn’t their style of game. Video Games for me have to have story and they have to make me feel connected to the characters and what is happening in the world and nothing does that more than these games, including the latest edition Final Fantasy XV.

The first thing I want to say about this game is that it is beautiful. It is possible it is the most beautiful game I have played. I am constantly finding myself getting distracted watching the sunset and many other beautiful moments and towns.

Image result for final fantasy xv sunset

The story starts with you and your three friends taking a road trip and you really feel like you are. The characters are great, some of the banter and puns are brilliant and make cruising in the Regalia an enjoyable experience.

The Regalia is the car that you are using whilst you traverse Eos, which is massive. The car moves in real time as well, so sometimes you do get a little bored, but it doesn’t take too long to get anywhere and there are fast travel options as well. The only real bummer about it is I find that when you are driving it’s not that engaging, you can’t drive off road and it’s very difficult to crash the car, I’ve only managed to scrape it. Still the land is beautiful as you drive around and it all adds to the feeling of road tripping.

Image result for final fantasy xv Royal regalia

The battle system is amazing and a new path for the franchise. No longer the strategy game of old or the combat system from xii and xiii, this is wholly real time with no waiting for bars before you can attack etc. It is simple to get the hang of and also uses strategy with your team mates. I find it really engaging and look forward to it. Battle also isn’t as constant as it was in previous games and is relative to the landscape and environment.

I’ve waited 10 years for this game and I am so glad I did. It is everything I anticipated and expected and so much more! The bond between the four main characters is so strong that i can’t wait to see what happens next. The world is huge and beautiful and the story line engaging. This is a certainly a Final Fantasy game for old fans and new players.

“Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It’s undeniable.” Noctis Final Fantasy XV


Green Team!

I leave tomorrow! I’ve been waiting all year for this day but now that it is here I sort of wish I had more time, regardless, I am very excited for this weekend. 600 volunteers are going to be gathering tomorrow night to prepare and get ready for one of the biggest events in SA!

This Friday is the first night of Schoolies weekend and I cannot wait to serve as a part of Green Team and ensure that all the young people attending will have a safe and fun weekend! So much work goes into this event and every year and I am honoured to be counted among one of the many people wearing green that make it all happen!

yes. I am the one looking like an idiot on the right…

For those of you reading that don’t know much about Green team I would love to tell you all about it! For starters, everyone that volunteers is amazing. I have never seen so many people working hard all through the day and night and still be excited on Sunday at 2am. Green team contains a special group of people with an amazing attitude who deal with 3 nights of very little sleep and yet they never lose their energy or passion and very often come back year after year.

As an operation we are all through Victor, from the caravan parks, on the busses, throughout the festival and also around Victor. We are there to ensure that the schoolies have a fun time but also stay safe throughout the whole weekend!

I head down tomorrow and I am so excited to get there and see the people who I am serving with and get ready for what is one of the most amazing weekends of the year!

If you are a Schoolie and you are reading this I am so excited for you! Congratulations on fishing school! I just want to mention while you are packing and getting ready for the weekend you should make sure you download the schoolies app and check out the Schoolies Festival 2016 facebook page for some helpful information! The app contains a bus time table and lots of other helpful information, so get on it!

If you are reading this and you are on the Green Team I am wishing you all the best in your preparation and cannot wait to serve with you

First Post!!!

Wherever you are reading from, whether it’s the toilet, on the train, sneakily at work or on your phone while you are going about your day, welcome! Thanks for stopping by, you have stumbled upon something beautiful and marvellous and most definitely strange. You have found my blog and I very much appreciate you having a little look!

Please don’t let the fact that I am a United supporter stop you from reading… In hindsight I should have chosen a different picture…

Why have I decided to start my own blog you may be asking? Well in the words of the great Rafiki, “It is time.” I’ve contributed, ran and edited blogs for a few different websites, people and friends but now I have finally decided to make my own site and share my own thoughts!

I’ll be writing about a little about my life and my interests, some of it will likely be stupid and apologise some of it may be a little emotional and I apologise for that too. All in all I think we will have fun and I hope you find some value in being here.

“We are more than the parts that form us. ”
― Patrick Rothfuss